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A Refreshing Caribbean Cocktail That's Good All Year Long.


  • 8 fresh sorrel florets

    · One 1 inch piece ginger, peeled and sliced

    · 2 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin

    · 1 Solo J pear soda

    · 2 tsp fresh lime juice

    · 4 tsp simple syrup

    · 2 dozen pimento seeds

    · Thyme and sorrel florets for garnish


  1. First, we’ll get to crushing. Each drink takes 4 sorrel florets, a piece of ginger and a dozen pimento seeds. Muddle those fruits up. If you’re doing a large batch you can throw everything into a food processor!
  2. Add a jigger of gin and allow a few minutes for the flavors to be extracted! For an even better flavor, you can soak the mashed fruits in gin ONLY for an hour before finishing the drink.
  3. Next, add a little bit of lime juice and simple syrup.
  4. Shake with ice in a shaker.
  5. Use a strainer to pour into a champagne flute and then full to the top with pear soda, and you’re almost done!
  6. The last thing to do is add your garnish. Another sorrel floret gives it some color and you can garnish with thyme for a sweet floral aroma.
  7. Repeat for as many glasses as you like and you’re done!!


Use a cold Solo Pear J or Mix it up with another flavour adn let us know how it works out. Have fun and Enjoy Responsibly.