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Breakfast Sandwich



  1. Cut both pieces of bacon into halves with a knife or kitchen scissors
  2. Fry the bacon in a pan on medium heat until crispy and placed the cooked pieces on a paper towel to drain off excess oil
  3. Toast bagel and put to the side
  4. Put the butter into a medium skillet on medium heat and wait for the pan to heat up and butter to melt
  5. Crack eggs into either side of the pan and pull in edges to form two circles with each egg roughly the size of the bagel round
  6. Season with salt and flip
  7. Place cheese slices on each egg and cook until cheese is melted, take eggs off the heat
  8. To assemble, take toasted bagel halves out of toaster and stack both eggs on the bottom half of bagel, place pieces of bacon on top of eggs and cover with the top half of bagel
  9. Place in a toaster oven to keep warm or reheat, wrap in tinfoil if taking on the go, or enjoy immediately hot!